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Together again

11 Aug 2014

After a tough month of July spent by Dan in packing up the old Seattle apartment and by Sarala in cleaning and organizing the new Hohhot one, we were happily reunited in Beijing on Friday 08 August. We spent Saturday meeting / catching up with some of Sarala’s old friends from Hohhot who now live in Beijing. We took their nearly-two-year-old son for a spin around Qianhai lake:

The boat we rented was shaped like a giant rubber ducky, which made it challenging to see where we were going on account of the large yellow spherical head at the front of the boat. Regardless, we had a good time and didn't bump into more than two or three other boats.

Sunday afternoon we headed to the Beijing West train station for the 6.5 hour journey to Hohhot. The route was very scenic, passing through mountain gorges and open grassland. Unfortunately it was hard to take any decent pictures out of the train window, so you’ll have to use your imagination.