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Trikes at work

16 Nov 2014

In our earlier post about three-wheeled vehicles, we promised more trike-spotting in the future. Today’s instalment features the trikes that haul goods back and forth around the city. This flatbed trike is delivering rice to a restaurant:

This one is delivering packages. The driver parks on campus and then texts everyone to tell them to pick up their stuff:

These next two are salvage trikes looking for recyclables:

This one is a park maintenance trike. Its big blue trunk carries landscaping tools, fallen leaves, and litter. It says “cherish the environment” on the side.

This trike is toting an amplifier. It seems to belong to an aerobics instructor who holds class in Hohhot’s Manduhai Park. The amp is plugged into an outlet in the base of a nearby lamppost, and incidentally is being driven way too loud, to the point of massive distortion.

This classic blue model is loaded up with a fall crop of onions for sale:

And finally, this dump trike is being used in our neighborhood’s re-insulation project. Though mostly empty at the moment, it was later spotted with a full load of concrete.

As you can see, trikes do a lot of work around Hohhot.