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Preparing for winter

28 Nov 2014

Winter is in the air. Last week we had our first snow flurry:

Local citizens are stockpiling onions, potatoes and coal:

Scooter and trike riders have deployed their fuzzy handlebar mittens:

Some folks have even installed nifty mitten-blanket combos:

This morning it was -9° C (16° F) when we woke up, and for several weeks it hasn’t gone above 5° C (41° F) during the day. The pond on campus has been frozen for quite a while now, as the student body has proven by tossing bricks:

Even the shop owners are battening down the hatches, with heavy insulating blankets where doorways used to be.

We are no exception. Besides our own little stockpile of onions, we made a shrewd investment at the imported foods store a few weeks back:

What with that, our long johns, and the pile of comforters loaned by a generous friend, we should be all set for the next three months.