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Postcards from Alashan

14 May 2015

These postcards got lost in the mail for a few months. This January while Dan was back in Seattle for work, Sarala visited the region of Alashan in the far west of Inner Mongolia. This first picture sets the scene rather well.

Scattered throughout that landscape are many Buddhist temples and oboo [ɔβ̠̟ɔɔ]. An oboo can be just a pile of stones on a hilltop, but some are more constructed:

The temple buildings were brightly painted...

... and often located high in the hills.

This is a giant prayer wheel.

Also dotting the landscape were small herds of camels. It's hard to see in the picture, but every herd had some chocolate-brown camels and blond camels as well as the stereotypical sand-colored camels.

This frozen waterfall must have been a rare sight, since my hosts got really excited about it and stopped the car to take pictures.

Despite the sun it was cold and windy, and towards the end of my stay it snowed.

Wind is a dominant force of nature there.

I spent a couple of nights on goat ranches and met quite a few newborn kids. It was the season.

More stories from Alashan to come, we hope.